WalkieFleet System Monitoring

WalkieFleet System Monitoring is the Web-based application to monitor the server operation
System Monitoring Features:

  • Statistics of online connections, calls, emergencies, messages, locations, etc
  • Information about the server hardware utilization and database usage
  • DMR connection availability
  • Alerts and E-Mail notifications
  • Requires the system monitoring license to operate
System Monitoring Settings
System Monitoring is the Web application embedded into the WalkieFleet server package. System Monitoring is opened via HTTP or HTTPS protocol using the WebSocket port defined in the Server Startup Configuration window.
Open Server Settings / API tab to select protocol to access the Web application (HTTP or HTTPS)
Important! Make sure to use HTTPS protocol for secure data exchange including user credentials transmission in particular!
Open Server Settings / System Monitoring to define alarm notification settings
  • Alarm Type - Entity to check the criteria
  • Value - Value to trigger the alarm
  • Timeout - Time before triggering the alarm along which the criteria keeps being true
  • Alert - show alert in the system monitoring interface when the condition triggers
  • E-Mail Notification - sends alert over email when the condition triggers
Correct E-Mail SMTP credentials must be specified on the SMTP tab to send the notifications via E-Mail!
Open the Web application in a web browser over the WebSocket port
Click "System Monitoring" to open the login page. Use a dispatcher credentials to access the system monitoring functionality
Note! Web application doesn't allow to use dispatcher credentials with an empty password.
System Monitoring Interface
  • OVERVIEW tab – Overall short information about based on the data collected by system monitoring service
  • NETWORKS – Detailed information of the PoC activity per each network
  • DMR NETWORKS – Detailed information of the DMR activity
  • SERVER - Detailed information about the server hardware and SQL databases used by the WalkieFleet server