Web Dispatcher

Web Dispatcher is the Web-based application for a dispatcher operation
Web Dispatcher functionality:

  • Voice PTT calls
  • Message exchange
  • Location tracking
  • Manage users and groups
  • OTAP (Changing settings for online devices)
  • Requires the API license to operate
Web Dispatcher has limited functionality compared to the Windows based dispatcher application!
Web Dispatcher Settings
Web Dispatcher is the Web application embedded into the WalkieFleet server package. Web Dispatcher is opened via HTTP or HTTPS protocol using the WebSocket port defined in the Server Startup Configuration window.
Open Server Settings / API tab to select protocol to access the Web application (HTTP or HTTPS)
Important! Make sure to use HTTPS protocol for secure data exchange including user credentials transmission in particular!
Voice capabilities are only available in case when HTTPS protocol is used. Host name defined in the DNS must be used to access the server. Valid SSL certificate must be installed on the server and corresponding details must be specified in the Server Settings / API tab
Open the Web application in a web browser over the WebSocket port
Click "DISPATCHER" to open the login page. Use a dispatcher credentials to access the dispatcher functionality
Note! Web application doesn't allow to use dispatcher credentials with an empty password.
Web Dispatcher Interface