About Walkie Labs

Walkie Labs, LLC was established in 2014 by the team of professional software engineers having many years' experience in developing solutions for professional communication. Starting as a small startup, in a course of 5 years, Walkie Labs has developed a strong partner channel deploying WalkieFleet based systems in more than 50 countries in the world. Our initial target was developing one of the world leading PoC platforms. Furthermore, it was extended with wireline support of DMR systems from Hytera, Excera, Kirisun and more.

Our business strategy is building strong partner channel. Walkie Labs puts all possible efforts on software development to empower partners with strong platform helping them to do successful business.
A few facts about Walkie Labs
Countries of sales
WalkieFleet installations
PoC device vendors supported
DMR vendors supported
In 2019, Walkie Labs became a member of the Digital Mobile Radio Association. Responsible for ensuring technology standardisation is maintained internationally, the DMR Association supports application developers, system integrators and radio users through their training, education and certification programmes. The DMR Association works to ensure interoperability and long-term technological sustainability in the industry, with a critical role in liaising between regulators, trade and standards organisations globally.
Eugene Ermolenko
CEO of Walkie Labs, LLC
What makes us successful is our professional team. With years of experience and high motivation, we just can do it better and faster than anyone in the world.