DMR Integration

  • DMR Networks
    WalkieFleet server can connect multiple DMR networks via AIS Gateway.
  • Radio Check
    Control radio online presence from WalkieFleet.
  • Message Exchange
    Exchange text messages between DMR radios, dispatch console and mobile users.
  • Voice Calls
    Private and group voice calls between WalkieFleet and DMR subscribers.
  • Call Alert
    Send Call Alert to DMR radio from console or mobile client.
  • Location Tracking
    Track DMR radio's location on a map in dispatch console and mobile client.
DMR Integration Diagram
Supported DMR Vendors
AIS Interface
The DMR Application Interface (AIS) is a SIP based interconnection for DMR Tier II and Tier I radio network voice and data communications. AIS Interface specification is developed by DMR Association. Being category 2 member of DMR Association, WalkieLabs LLC is authorised to develop solutions based on AIS interface.