Solidtronic Radio Gateways for WalkieFleet

Radio Gateway ST-RoIP3-WalkieFleet and ST-RoIP4-WalkieFleet produced by Solidtronic (Innotek Company Limited) allows voice interconnection of professional two-way radios with WalkieFleet clients. Radio Gateway connects to professional two-way radio through the variety of cables and hosts WalkieFleet Android client to talk to WalkieFleet voice groups.
Gateway Deployment Recommendations
  • Create user account in WalkieFleet server manager to connect to WalkieFleet server from the radio gateway.
  • Create dedicated WalkieFleet talk group to interconnect to two-way radios. Assign this group to radio gateway user account and all WalkieFleet users, which should be able to talk to two-way radios.
  • Assign Default group in WalkieFleet client installed on the radio gateway. Open "Settings" and scroll down to "Default Group=Undefined". Tap on it to assign the default group.
  • Assign Hardware PTT Button to initiate call from the radio channel. Open "Settings", scroll down to "Hardware Key For PTT Call" and tap on it. Tap "Assign Key" button and initiate voice call from the two-way radio. Blue text box should display key code = 79. Tap "OK" to apply the setting.
  • Avoid using video calls to interconnect to radio channels.
More Details (PDF)