Online Guides

Hardware and software requirements to run WalkieFleet

List of WalkieFleet features appeared in a release

Device Launcher allows quick initial setup of WalkieFleet client on Android devices. Install Device Launcher on a Windows PC, connect device via USB and deploy WalkieFleet client in a few seconds.

Guide for usage of map tools in dispatch console application (Geofencing, KML Layers, etc)

Remote Control of Device Settings from Console

Networking and security setting recommendations to achieve sustainable operation.

wfinit.cfg is the plain text file saved in the root folder of mobile device storage.

Guide explaining user and group priorities available in WalkieFleet

User guide for dispatch console application

Guide for Walkiefleet server installation and settings

How to collect Hardware ID for license keys generation

How to activate license key file on WalkieFleet server

Guide for Excera DMR system connection settings

Definition of ports used by WalkieFleet server

WalkieFleet Traffic Encryption guide

Guide for Hytera DMR system connection settings

Guide to design custom consoles in dispatcher application

Guard Tour functionality allows to create routes consisting of a sequence of checkpoints and control route attendance by assigned user.

Guide for Kirisun DMR system connection settings

Group patch functionality allows to establish voice patch between multiple groups within a server.

Telephone Interconnect allows making calls from SIP based IP PBX or soft phone applications to WalkieFleet groups or users.

Guide for Caltta DMR system connection settings

How to Create an Offline OpenStreetMap to use in the Dispatcher without a connection to the Internet

Web-based application to monitor the server operation

Web-based application for a dispatcher operation

Installing SSL certificate for Web-applications

WalkieFleet Server Installation (Version for Linux)