WalkieFleet Videos

Telo TE580PD & WalkieFleet, how to operate in both DMR and PoC mode simultaneously
- Telo TE580PD - dual mode terminal operating in both DMR and PoC modes
- Voice call to DMR group is initiated by PTT button on the device
- Possible to switch to PoC mode in the Android settings, but not always convenient
- Great alternative is using BT button to do a call in WalkieFleet while having main PTT button assigned to DMR channel
WalkieFleet & SEUIC AUTOID9U data terminal
- SEUIC AUTOID9U is Android based data terminal equipped with barcode scanner and PTT button
- AUTOID9U PTT button is now supported by WalkieFleet
- Corporate warehouse or logistics applications can be empowered by WalkieFleet for team voice communication
WalkieFleet Client for iOS
- Group and Private PTT Voice Calls
- Message Exchange
- Location Tracking
- Call Alerts
- Event Log
WalkieFleet & Hytera PNC370
- Small screen mode
- Group and private voice calls
- Message exchange
- Location tracking
- Client update with OTAP
Group Patches in WalkieFleet
- Patch groups from one or several WalkieFleet networks
- Visual group patch control for Custom Console
- Group patches are executed on WalkieFleet server! No need to keep dispatcher application open to have the patches operating
WalkieFleet Dispatch Console empowered by Imtradex microphones
WalkieFleet & AINA First Responder Bluetooth microphone
- Voice PTT calls
- SOS button
- Channel Selector
WalkieFleet & Inrico T620
- Screen adjustments
- Knob selector support
- Group and private calls
- SOS button support
- Silent APK update via OTAP
WalkieFleet Telephone Interconnect over SIP Trunk
- Telephone Calls to WalkieFleet Groups or Users
- Capability to hang up a call from the Dispatcher or Mobile Client
WalkieFleet & Telo TE300K
- Screen adjustments
- Knob selector support
- Group and private calls
- SOS button support
- Silent APK update via OTAP
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2021 from Walkie Labs Team
Our warmest wishes for a Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year to our partners and friends from Walkie Santa empowered by a real WalkieFleet dispatch console!
WalkieFleet from Home, Issue # 3
Quick setup of PoC device with the Telo TE390
WalkieFleet Custom Consoles
Design Custom Console with WalkieFleet PC Dispatcher application
WalkieFleet from Home, Issue # 2
Hytera DMR Integration
WalkieFleet from Home, Issue # 1
ZTE E350 PoC radio supported in WalkieFleet
S900A Plus gateway test with WalkieFleet
Video about Boxchip S900A operating as a gateway between WalkieFleet client and DMR radio.
WalkieFleet PC Dispatch Console Overview
This video gives quick overview of key functions available in WalkieFleet PC Dispatch Console. Among them are Video and Voice PTT Calls, Location Tracking and Message exchange.
Radio Gateway ST-RoIP3-WalkieFleet
Video about Radio Gateway ST-RoIP3-WalkieFleet from Solidtronic made at Hong Kong Electronic Fair
WalkieFleet setup on Inrico T196 or T199 radios
This video shows how to install WalkieFleet on Inrico T196 or T199 radios having no display. It is shown how to do initial settings and how to assign groups on different knob positions.
WalkieFleet Walkie Talkie Client Overview
Video about basic WalkieFleet client functionality: Video PTT Call, Voice PTT Call, Call Alert, Messenger, Location Tracking, Event Logging
Set Selected group feature in WalkieFleet demonstrated on Inrico T196 and T298S
In this video we show capability to set group as "Selected" on mobile client. When group is set as selected, user listens only the calls to this group. In addition to selected group, users accepts private calls, emergency calls and All Calls. Here you can also see how Knob selector works on Inrico T196/T199 radio.
Server Manager - General Settings
Guide for WalkieFleet Server Manager general settings. The video explains WalkieFleet Network basics, management of users, groups and statuses.