WalkieFleet 5.7.3 Release
Walkie Labs is announcing new 5.7.3 release introducing such new features as Group Patches, Telephone Interconnect and New Custom Console Controls.

Group Patches
  • Voice patch of two or more groups from one or several WalkieFleet networks in scope of one WalkieFleet server
  • Group patches are executed on WalkieFleet server
  • Group patches are managed on WalkieFleet dispatch console
  • Custom console control representing a group patch
Telephone Interconnect
  • Voice calls from SIP based IP PBX or soft phone applications to WalkieFleet groups or users
  • Based on SIP Trunk protocol
  • Individual SIP connection settings for each WalkieFleet network
  • Hang up a telephone call from WalkieFleet mobile client or dispatcher
Dispatch Console Enhancements
  • "Group Patch" control on a custom console
  • "Clock" control on a custom console
Other Enhancements
  • Collect Locations Offline - Android client setting which enables location data collection even when mobile device is not connected to the server. All collected location data is sent to a server when connection is restored.
    Note! Locations are collected in offline only if a client has been requested for periodic locations from the dispatch console.
Try new unique capabilities!
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