WalkieFleet 5.7.4 Release
We are pleased to present WalkieFleet 5.7.4 our latest version of software for professional communication. In this release, we have significantly expanded capabilities of the software solution, as well as enhanced the existing functionality.

Dispatch Console Enhancements
  • Dark and Light dispatcher themes
  • Extended reporting capabilities (printed forms, export to Excel, PDF and more)
  • User Inventory report
  • "Web Page" control on a custom console
  • Option to enable/disable clustering of map markers on Google Map
  • Support for Imtradex TM3-USB table and Aurelis USB handheld microphones
Extended User Properties
  • Capability to add any number of extended fields for users to store required user properties
  • Possible types of extended fields: Text, Integer Number, Float Number, Date, List of string values
  • Capability to display selected extended properties in the User Inventory report
Other Enhancements
Please see release notes for more details.
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