WalkieFleet 5.7.6 Release
Walkie Labs is announcing new 5.7.6 release introducing rich set of new features as follows.

Dynamic Groups
  • Groups created and managed by a dispatcher in the dispatch console with the capability to add/delete dynamic group members based on the geofencing
Guard Tour Enhancements
  • QR Code checkpoints
  • Printing of QR Code checkpoints in the dispatcher console
Full Duplex Calls
  • Full duplex private voice calls for mobile users
  • Applicable only to mobile devices running Android 9.0 or higher, supporting hardware echo cancellation and having a touch screen
Telephone Interconnect Enhancements
  • Calls from the mobile client to a phone subscriber from predefined contact list
  • SIP ID in the user and group properties - alternative user/group number or name for incoming telephone call
Man Down Enhancements
  • Man Down based on a device tilt
  • Settings to calibrate Man Down behaviour based on impact
Other Enhancements
  • RX-Only property for a group member. Group member having "RX-Only" property enabled can't initiate a call in the group
  • New action for the key mapper - Announce battery charge
  • New action for the key mapper - Switch channel next/previous
  • Number of new permissions for users and dispatchers
Please see release notes for more details.
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