WalkieFleet 5.7.7 Release
Walkie Labs is announcing new 5.7.7 release introducing rich set of new features

System Monitoring
  • Web-based application to monitor the server operation
  • Statistics of online connections, calls, emergencies, messages, locations, etc.
  • Information about the server hardware utilization and database usage
  • DMR connection availability
  • Alerts and E-Mail notifications
  • Requires the system monitoring license to operate
Web Dispatcher
  • Web-based application for dispatcher operation
  • Voice PTT calls
  • Message exchange
  • Location tracking
  • Manage users and groups
  • OTAP (Changing settings for online devices)
  • Requires the API license to operate
Other Enhancements
  • Export / Import function in the Network Settings now supports DMR users
  • Track animation in the dispatcher's Show Track report
  • Custom SIP contacts programmed for a device via OTAP
  • DTMF dialing into ongoing phone call
  • Export / Import of the setting template in the Device Settings window of the dispatcher application
Please see release notes for more details.
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