WalkieFleet 5.8 Release
Walkie Labs is announcing new 5.8 release introducing WalkieFleet Linux Based Server

Server Enhancements
  • WalkieFleet Server based on Linux
  • PostgreSQL support as the database backend for WalkieFleet server
  • Web-based Server Manager
  • Enhancements and optimizations increasing the server throughput
  • Echo groups. Automatic voice callback for system testing purpose
Android Client Enhancements
  • Voice quality enhancements. Improved AGC and noise cancellation
  • Web link support in the messenger
  • Support and adjustments for new PoC devices
Dispatcher Enhancements
  • Periodic KML layer update
  • Web link support in the messenger
Please see release notes for more details.
Try new unique capabilities!
Download WalkieFleet Server, PC Dispatch Console and Client APK